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Young Womens Trust

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Young Womens Trust Charity Skydive

Tandem Skydive

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We are a small, dynamic charity that aims to improve lifelong opportunities for young women aged 16-30 by addressing the poverty, inequality and discrimination that many of them face.

We are particularly concerned about young women who have few or no qualifications; are unemployed or in precarious or insecure employment; and are on very low or no pay.

We have a proud history, having been founded over 150 years ago as YWCA England & Wales, but we have evolved and we now have a new focus and an innovative approach.

Our vision is of a society which respects and listens to young women, actively encourages their self-confidence and where they have the opportunity to be financially independent and participate fully.

Tandem Parachute Jumps

Leaving the aircraft at 10,000ft you’ll reach speeds of 120mph (that’s as fast as a Golden Eagle diving for prey, by the way!.) You’ll experience the rush and buzz of freefall strapped to a professional and experienced parachute instructor. Your instructor will release the canopy at about 5000ft and you can either help them steer the parachute home or leave them to do it for you and ‘relax’!

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