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Mission Direct Charity Skydive

For further details, please contact email us, call Mission Direct on 01582 720056 or book your parachute jump here.

Tandem Jump

Harnessed to a professional parachute instructor, you will free fall for several thousand feet before deploying the parachute. You will spend the day with a professional trainer preparing until you are ready to take the leap.


Registration: £50
Sponsorship target: £750


‘Join a two-week volunteering trip and help to build schools/classrooms, medical facilities, homes or safe accommodation for those who are vulnerable and materially-poor. We work with projects owned and run by partners in the local communities, ensuring sustainability and avoiding dependency. Relays of teams go to serve with local builders for two weeks, continuing the work of the previous team to completion, enabling us to commit to a long-term campaign – usually over many years. You'll also visit and assist other community-led projects each afternoon, such as outreach for disabled children, drop-in centres, feeding programmes etc. and have a downtime excursion for a day or two to explore the country and reflect on your experience. We also run 3-day teams in the UK to support those in need here at home. Why not make 2020 your year to GO; As you go to help bring change, you’ll find yourselves changed as a result.  

Choose from Brazil, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, The Gambia, Kenya, Malawi, Moldova, Sierra Leone, Uganda, UK, Zambia or Zimbabwe.’

You can choose from three skydiving experiences, registration costs are £50, and if you hit your fundraising target, you can jump for 'free'*

Imagine the adrenaline rush as you leave the plane at 12,000ft, heading towards the earth at 120mph for 7,000ft of free fall, then the tranquility as the parachute deploys and you gently descend back to terra firma.


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