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Tandem Skydive

Once you have chosen the dateof the jump you would like to do, Book Online or Download a and complete a Registration Form We'll be with you every step of the way, helping you with your fundraising and ensuring you hit your target, and remember, if you raise more than your fundraising target, you can jump for free.


Book Online to book your adrenaline challenge and get ready to JUMP.






IDE UK continues to use market oriented development models to increase the income of the rural poor by improving market access, increasing agricultural production, and creating sustainable local businesses. IDE UK's projects are country-specific, aimed at increasing income for those living on less than a dollar a day in the most efficient and viable manner possible according to each region's unique opportunities. To date, the hard work and vision of IDE staff throughout the world have helped more than 19 million farmer-entrepreneurs lift themselves permanently out of poverty.


'Ever wondered why anyone in their right mind would jump out of a perfectly good airplane?'

Well unbuckle your seatbelt, kiss your in flight movie goodbye and hold on tight, because now it’s your turn to find out.

Hurl yourself out through that open door and experience 45 seconds of sheer terror and butt clenching excitement as a patchwork quilt of a world comes hurtling up to meet you.


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