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Charity Skydive Fund Raising with British Acoustic Neuroma Association

BAPS Charity Skydive

You choose the skydive venue and jump date that suits you best. Your training and skydive are completed in one day. You jump harnessed to a professional parachute instructor, who controls the free fall, parachute opening and landing. And if you raise £400 plus any fuel surcharge in sponsorship you won't have to pay for the cost of the jump.

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BANA has links with the medical profession within the acoustic neuroma field, with a number of senior Consultants and practitioners proving advisory assistance for the information we provide, ensuring it is up-to-date and the most reliable from the UK perspective.

The role of research in assisting earlier diagnosis and rehabilitation methods is a fundamental part of our charitable objectives, and we aim to encourage and direct relevant research as the voice of those we represent.



BANA is the UK’s only national charity providing support and information for people affected by acoustic neuroma and the interrelated condition’s, symptoms and effects.

Our support service is based on community interaction, linking patients throughout the country who might not otherwise have such contact. Given the relative rarity of the acoustic neuroma condition, patients often feel a sense of isolation in their diagnosis, and there is great comfort in communicating with others in a similar position, who understand the emotional impact and physical challenges those affected can face.

Community contact can take place virtually, via our website forum or closed Facebook group. Virtual contact is a vital resource for those who live in rural areas, where patient numbers would not sustain a group, or for those who experience difficulty travelling. Online contact is also useful for out-of-hours support, at night or on weekends, when the emotional effects can be strongest.

A number of local branches and support groups provide face-to-face interaction for information sharing and support from others with similar understanding, regularly featuring speakers from the medical or therapy profession who give presentations on the condition and a range of the effects. Members also speak one-to-one  as part of our Telephone and Email Support Register, containing a list of members who are willing to listen to others and share their own experience for peer-to-peer advice giving and support. It is hoped that BANA will further develop its support group network and listening ear service in the coming months.


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