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We bring together the best of international scientific understanding of both root causes and solutions. We then use this to create practical, effective action plans to break the cycles of childhood abuse and neglect. The specific components of our approach are to:

  1. Connect the dots between multiple strands of global scientific research into various forms of social dysfunction
  2. Develop a cohesive overview of the scientific findings about solutions to social problems
  3. Use this overview to create preventive solutions for policy-makers
  4. Continuously update our recommendations to reflect new branches of science and unfolding ‘best practice’ solutions
  5. Disseminate the evolving solutions (in plain English) to social policy-makers, service delivery practitioners and 3rd sector organisations (via reports, seminars, conferences and meetings)
  6. Create individual, detailed action blueprints for solutions at national and local authority level

Our ultimate aim is to create a wave of action that will end abuse of all children, everywhere, period. Our immediate goal is to drive and enable a year-on-year reduction in UK childhood abuse, neglect and living with domestic violence amounting to 70% by the year 2030.

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