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Royal Osteoporosis Society

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Make 2018 a year to remember by Booking Online today. You can choose a date and location which suits you. Once signed up, a dedicated fundraiser from the Royal Osteoporosis Society will be in touch to offer you guidance and support with reaching your £395 minimum sponsorship fundraising target. Please note that you need to have your £395 minimum sponsorship banked with the charity two weeks before your jump date. If you do not reach your target in time, the Royal Osteoporosis Society has the right to cancel your skydive.


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At the Royal Osteoporosis Society, we understand that fractures can have shocking effects on day-to-day life. We are committed to helping people with osteoporosis live the lives they want to lead and we work every day to prevent future fractures.

Aim 1: Every person aged over 50 who breaks a bone is assessed for osteoporosis and managed appropriately.

Aim 2: People with osteoporosis are empowered to make choices and manage their condition in ways that best meet their own needs.

You don’t need a medical problem to use the service – you are welcome to ask any question you may have relating to osteoporosis or bone health, via letter, email or phone call. The service is supported by a large body of scientific and medical advisers to ensure our information is based on the most accurate, independent and up to date knowledge so that you can make informed choices.

The nurses will provide up to date evidence based information and discuss your situation if you wish so that you feel better informed. Often they will explain how osteoporosis is currently managed – that is’ best practice’ within the health service - so you know what to expect and the reasons and evidence behind the treatment and care provided. Information is not intended to replace the advice that your own doctor can provide.

The nurses use your personal information (such as name and address) for the purposes of dealing with your enquiry. The information is confidential within the team. They will not pass on your details to anyone else. In order to comply with the law or the nurses' professional code of conduct there are rare situations when confidentiality may be broken such as an act relating to terrorism or when the caller is at risk of serious harm from themselves or others.

Some demographic information is collected at the end of the call but this is stored anonymously in a way that cannot identify a living person. With our new free phone number comes added confidentiality – the number won’t appear in any itemised phone bill.

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