Dyslexia Research Trust

Dyslexia Research Trust

Charity Skydive Fund Raising with Dyslexia Research Trust

Dyslexia Research Trust Charity Skydive

Your training and skydive will be completed in one day. You can choose the drop zone and jump date that suits you.


Register Online or Download the registration form (PDF) here, For further information please email here or call us now on+44 (0)1189 585 950


The mission of the Dyslexia Research Trust (DRT) is to help people with reading difficulties, especially young children, to achieve their full potential in life. Professor John Stein says: "Often dyslexic children are very talented. It's just that their talents don't include reading and spelling."


The difficulty of raising money for research into dyslexia led John and Sue to set up the DRT as a charity. It has been able to support research leading to nearly 100 publications in high impact peer reviewed journals such as 'Nature', 'Lancet' and 'Brain'. Randomised controlled trials have achieved the gold standard of proof of effectiveness. For more information on DRT research, go to Research or contact info@dyslexic.org.uk.

The DRT has managed to continue to exist thanks to the tremendous support of its donors, volunteers and patrons; it is highly dependent on your generosity and we are enormously grateful to all of you who have kept us going.

Please support the DRT and help us to continue our vital research so that we can continue to help thousands of young people.


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